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RetailVerify: Guiding You on Your Testing Journey

RetailVerify is our Solution to Your Testing Challenges, designed to streamline your testing process. Our internally developed project offers easy management and customization for you and your project, ensuring a comprehensive approach to automation testing.

Minutes not days, that's all it takes with Automation Testing

Benefits of Automation Testing



By executing test cases quickly and consistently, automation testing reduces the time and effort you need to invest in manual testing, making your work more efficient and productive.



Eliminating human errors ensures precise and consistent test execution with every run. This means you can count on a higher level of accuracy in identifying defects, giving you confidence in your testing results.



Test scripts can be reused across various test scenarios and projects, maximizing your return on investment in test automation efforts. You won't have to start from scratch each time, saving you valuable time and effort.



Automation allows for comprehensive testing of a wide range of scenarios, ensuring that your critical functionalities and edge cases are thoroughly examined in every test cycle.


Early Detection

Provides early feedback on malfunctioning features, allowing you to address issues in the development lifecycle's early stages and minimize project costs.


Regression Testing

Allows for the quick and repeated testing of existing functionalities, ensuring that new code changes do not introduce unintended side effects.

SFCC Test Framework

Experience the power of automation testing in action. Explore our continuously evolving Automated Test framework for Salesforce Commerce Cloud and witness how we revolutionized testing processes delivering unparalelled results.​

Elevate Your E-Commerce Game:
Discover the Right Test Coverage Package for You

You deserve the best.
Our automated test framework, running on Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C,
guarantees flawless operation for your e-commerce store.


Explore our package options below to discover the ideal solution for you.

Test Cases: 50+
Coverage: Essential Features

For Startups & Small Stores
What You Get:
  • Light Package includes:
  • Homepage & Navigation Testing
  • Basic Checkout Process
  • Top 5 Product Pages

    Why Choose Light?

    Looking to start automated testing affordably? Our Light package covers the essentials, perfect for startups and small stores like yours.

Test Cases: 100+
Coverage: Most Features

For Growing Businesses
What You Get:
  • Everything in Light, Plus:
  • Category & Search Testing
  • Payment Gateway Checks
  • Cart & Wishlist Functionality

    Why Choose Advanced?

    As your business grows, so do your needs. With our Advanced package, you'll get more than just the basics. It's tailored for you, providing broader test coverage and unlocking crucial insights.

Test Cases: 200+
Coverage: Full Spectrum

Perfect for High-Level E-Commerce Stores
What You Get:
  • Everything in Advanced, Plus:
  • A/B Testing
  • Performance & Load Testing
  • Comprehensive Error Checks

    Why Choose Ultra?

    For enterprises aiming high, our Ultra package is the answer. It's the most comprehensive solution around, personalized for your needs, ensuring extensive testing coverage to meet your expectations.


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We’re here to help you explore your options in depth.

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